Kirk Nugent: I Need You To Remember.

July 27th, 2011 § 0 comments

I was introduced to these videos thanks to a new found friend – and although I was initially skeptical as I’m not really into rap / hip-hop culture, the number of things which were communicated in this set of videos (as far-out, and woo-woo as they seem) is extraordinarily in-line with things which I’ve discovered / been led to over the past few months – HAARP, earthquakes, crop circles, extra-terrestrial life, the spiritual evolution of humankind, the Ra material, planetary alignments, 2012, the Wave, the activation of the 12-helix DNA strand. (A great book to read is ‘Bringers of the Dawn’ by Barbara Marciniak.)

Well, these 5 videos summarised months of research into half an hour. :) There are some pictures in the videos which are the very same ones I have used in some of my posts and use on my wallpaper on my computer. Freaky. It’s far too synchronistic to disregard as mere coincidence – this is clearly a wake-up call..

Keep forgiving..


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