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Many of us have heard of A Course in Miracles in some way or another. You might have read a quote from it from your favourite author, or heard a speaker reference it. But who wrote it? Where did it come from? What does it say? Why is it so frustratingly difficult to understand? What exactly is A Course in Miracles?

Don’t fret – because help is near! These are the very questions that A Course in Miracles Explained hopes to answer in plain, everyday language!

Join me and our amazing line-up of ACIM guests, as we demystify the complexity of the Course in a fascinating journey through the multi-faceted nature of the Course: nondualism, forgiveness, communication with the Holy Spirit / Higher Self, relationships, music, philosophy, poetry, physics, psychic ability, psychology, Buddhism, Advaita, Christianity and Taoism – all pointing to the same Universal Truth that has been taught by all of the great spiritual masters in history.

Find out why some consider A Course in Miracles to be one of the most important spiritual documents on the planet today, how so many have found lasting inner peace through application of the Course, and how it is relevant and helpful to YOUR life!

Ken is a 28 year old Singaporean living in London. A spiritual seeker ever since he can remember, his intense desire to find Truth has led him to through many different belief systems and spiritual practices. In 2005, when he read ‘The Disappearance of the Universe’ by Gary Renard, he knew he had found his path: A Course in Miracles.

Having experienced the profound effects of forgiveness on his life and recognising the potent spiritual potential of A Course in Miracles, he decided to leave his job at Goldman Sachs, where he was a financial trader, to start – a website with a singular purpose of demystifying the Course.

Ken has previously served as an infantry officer in the Singapore Armed Forces and holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London. He also has an odd and irreverent sense of humor from having too many incarnations on Earth. He likes photography, doing nothing, and cats.

• Launched on December 1, 2009

• Averages over 5,900 TLH* (total listening hours) per month and growing.

• Main demographic is women age 18‐65

• Is empowered, informative, and uncensored.

• Is accessed at and on iTunes under News/Talk Radio.

• Was founded by LoveScopes Author and Radio Host Mark S. Husson

• Has over 19 Live shows each week

• Is featured on the front page of

• Has digital quality sound

Mission Statements:

12Radio will strive to offer programming that will stimulate, educate and entertain the listening audience. Programs will be eclectic and provocative but will not promote hatred or violence or attempt to be divisive by soliciting like opinions. At its core 12radio is a compilation of alternative ideologies that seek to promote acceptance of all opinions as long as those opinions are not aimed to hurt others.


Episode 0 – The one that started it all! :) – 8th Nov 2011 – My interview on the Mark Husson Show (I come on at part 2)

Episode 1 – 27th Nov 2011 – Alexander Marchand

Episode 2 – 4th Dec 2011 – Philip Mistlberger – ACIM and the Perennial Philosophy

Episode 3 – 11th Dec 2011 –  John Campbell

Christmas / New Year’s Break

Episode 4 – 8th Jan 2012 – Pauline Edward 

Episode 5 – 16th Jan 2012 – Practising and Studying the Course

Episode 6 – 22 Jan 2012 – Patrick Miller – “Understanding A Course in Miracles

Episode 7 – 29 Jan 2012 – “A Course in Miracles: A Bridge between East and West” – Chiao-lin Cabanne

Episode 8 – 5 Feb 2012 – “What is Enlightenment” – David Hoffmeister

Episode 9 – The Life and Spiritual Path of Bill Thetford – Carol Howe

Episode 10 – The Nature of God – Gary Renard

Episode 11 – I am not a body – Michael Murray



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