This site serves as a resource about A Course in Miracles materials – videos, excerpts, other websites and books.

If you are new to ACIM – you might like these recommended links to start:

1. A Summary of A Course in Miracles is my attempt to summarise A Course in Miracles in a few paragraphs (!): where it came from, what it says, and how it is presented. I have also done two presentations on ‘What is A Course in Miracles?’: one is 17 mins long, and the other is about an hour long (in 4 parts).

2. If you have time for a movie, this two part documentary is excellent. You will see and hear many of the principal characters in the history of the Course, such as Bill Thetford, Helen Schucman and Kenneth Wapnick. Part One is largely historical, and Part Two goes into what it says and its application.

3. Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard, in my opinion, is THE book of choice for any new student for a good overview of A Course in Miracles. I have bought dozens of copies of this book for friends and family. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

4. If you aren’t afraid to dive into the deep end, Kenneth Wapnick might be for you: he has many, many materials available, online and in print. You can find them at the Foundation for A Course in Miracles, where he is the principal teacher.

Wishing you Peace, Ken


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  • hanswesterveld says:

    Except for being a financial Guru your story reads as mine! I read and tried to understand a lot of books on spirituality in the past twenty years. The course of miracles I am studying now for three years and it certainly changed my life. In a positive way!

    • kenbok says:

      Hi Hans, glad to hear from you and glad you found this site! I wouldn't call myself a financial guru though.. :)

  • Sue says:

    Ken…same here…I found the ACIM after a troubled relationship…have read I can't remember how many spiritiual books..I wish I had kept track of what I read and when I read them because I truly believe it was a mystical literary journey…and still is…one book turns me onto another…and it was in that fashion that I was lead to ACIM. It's been 10 years now…I turn to it here and there..have done some of the exercises and put the book down for a year or more..only to pick it up..read a section with greater undestanding…do a few more exercises..and then get wayleighed again…This past couple of months however, I have had a stronger urge to examine the websites, the Youtube videos…I read Renards' books last year and DU truly was the "can opener" for me…but I would encourage you to read, if you haven't already, The Celestine Prophecy…if memory serves me correctly, that was the book that "put me on the path". I have children now…and because of THIS site, have just read them the first two chapters of The Children' Material..the journey continues! :) May the Blessings be…

  • lisa says:

    Hello Kenneth and fellow ACIM devotee.

    Thank you for a great site. I've passed it on to many who have shown curiosity about ACIM and needed some insite on what it is about. I'm very grateful to be one of those who has been graced by such spiritual insight. I was led to ACIM just over 10 or so years ago and was lucky to have Marianne Williamson as the minister at the Unity Church I attended. It's been a wonderful and exciting journey thusfar. Sending miracles and love your way. Lisa (Detroit, MI)

    • Kenneth Bok says:

      Hi Lisa! Thank you for your kind words and passing it on. Yes I feel blessed to have found ACIM myself, especially at a (relatively) young age. :) Blessings, Ken

  • John Lopez says:

    Hey Ken

    Why all the hang wringing and implications about the difficulty of understanding A Course in Miracles when all your links to Wapnick and Renard indicate you are a proponent of the simplistic and easily explain “No one else is there,” spiritual solipsism of Wapnick and Renard?

    A worth-less dead-end solipsism which up front is the very authority problem and denial of any distinction between Creator and created which is the basis for Atonement and forgiveness.

    To be sure, Ken, there is no notion of “forgiveness,” in non dualism, where there is only God and God clearly doesn’t need forgiveness. Instead forgiveness is a part of an honest, straight reading of the Course material predicated again on the distinction between Creator and created and then irrationally shoe horned into Wapnick’s non dual metaphysics which makes no sense to either practicing non dualists or proponents of an honest, largely literal reading of the Course’s metaphysics of Creative Idealism.

    This post is to simply advise you as a new student that there are clearly other valid interpretation of ACIM other than Wapnick, Renard and Perry, and under the radar of blatant commercialism there are likely hundreds of thousands of course students who view the course as self study with the guidance of a real, not metaphorical Holy Spirit and do not read or understand ACIM as spiritual solipsism.

    I post regularly at Iworkmiracles.com http://iworkmiracles.com/

    I would be happy to discuss or debate any of the issue at this site, if you’d like.

    • Kenneth Bok says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for writing. I'll try to address some of your points, but I feel that this might be a discussion which might not be very productive due to certain factors so I will try to keep it short:

      1. I disagree with your view that there are many interpretations of ACIM. I am of the opinion that it says what it says, and there is no interpretation.
      2. If you think the Wapnick / Renard 'spiritual solipsism' is simplistic and easily explained, good for you. I am trying to explain this view on the internet, nothing more. I'm sure many others will find it very simple as well, it's just that I think it's hard to find this information presented in a clear way on the internet, this is my role. Also, simple and easy are completely different things. We all know that from our forgiveness lessons.
      3. I agree that you that God clearly doesn't need forgiveness and there is no notion of forgiveness in Heaven. It says so in the Course it's a illusory tool to undo the illusion!

      I'm just doing my bit to share what's worked for me. It will not work for everybody. I am writing for those who will benefit from this information. So, to be blunt, if it doesn't work for you – then this site is probably not for you! We all have our own paths and that's fine.


    • leelah saachi says:

      John – your post feels like an attack. If you don’t agree, why would you feel the need to tell Ken and us about it? Possibly to be right?

      • Ashley says:

        Leelah, thank you for making that observation. At first, my mind went into judgment mode. Then I read on, to your question. :) this was a forgiveness opportunity, and your response helped me quickly transmute my guilt in this moment. Thank you. Namaste! Keep up the alchemy sister.

  • Adam Harper says:

    Ken, my smile is wide and my heart is light.

    You have succinctly expressed, and even clarified, my own sentiments.

    I feel a deep sense of recognition, and find myself powerfully inspired to intensify my studies.

  • Simon says:

    Great work Ken and I like your transparent fresh look on the information your path has lead you too. We are all exploring the nothingness and unknown wonder of this universe. Thank you for your involvement and dedication to your passion.

  • Kjell says:

    Thank You Kenneth for all the great knowledge i have got from your site, thank you. Best regard from Kjell

  • Kalai Gobal says:

    Hi Kenneth,
    Your site has appeared in my life like all other things, at the perfect time. When I read about your experiences, I feel a great connection, and your articles resonate deeply with me. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Drinking deeply,
    Kalai (Sg)

    • Kenneth Bok says:

      Hi Kalai,
      Thanks for letting me know! Like yourself, my life has been full of 'coincidences' :) I am grateful to be able to be part of the process. Love and Light, Ken

  • Frans says:

    Hi Ken, keep up the great work and spreading the message of Jesus.
    I am involved in making a new website about all this.
    I think we are online next week. You might like to check this out: http://www.mom-nederland.nl

  • Lora M. Bilger says:

    I like your blog, Ken. I like it better than the page on Facebook.
    You love Ken Wapniks teaching. Rightfully so. He is the best of the best jewels among Course teachers.

    Ken Wapnik tells us we shall not try to compare different spiritual path with ACIM and try to seek for similarities.

    Indeed there is nothing like ACIM. Neither Ho'oponopono nor LOA, they both aim on this world and both stay in duality, even if they seem to be similar. I am very familiar with both of them.
    They are encouraging us to make our 'prisons' nicer. The danger is that, if we apply successfully what they teach (and this is possible) we forget that we do not want to stay in prison, be it terrible or beautiful, but to get free.
    The course aims on going Home, which is not this world.

    Much love to you and all here, and keep on your sharing of the clear and true view on ACIM by Ken Wapnik and Gary Renard!

    A hug!

  • Stephen Powers says:

    Thanks Ken, may I suggest that anyone who wants to pursue a spiritual goal read any of the books by Dr. David R. Hawkins.

    • Terry Allen says:

      Hello, Stephen and Ken, and all desiring truth…or not. Could not believe the good fortune in being able to attend Dr. Hawkins’ presentation in Seattle just weeks after being introduced to him via Wayne Dyer’s, “Power of Intention.” I was coming to the end of a year so challenging, I told a friend I felt like I was disappearing. “I’ve got a book for you,” she said, loaning me the book you, Ken, really captured in your review–“Disappearance of the Universe.” That was back in 2004.
      Just want to add my hearty recommendation for DU, and how either it or author Gary Renard’s second book refers to Hawkins. It cleared a boat-load of questions up.
      Thank you also, Ken, for the interview re. ACIM’s translation into Chinese. You are inspired.

  • Ken-Godspeed it appears the “celestrial acceleration” has begun.Thanks for your part in getting us back home and out of this detour into fear.
    My question is where do you think this is going in linear time or the movie?
    I enjoy writing ACIM inspired poetry -it appears here.


    • kenbok says:

      Hi bobdogkid! It’s my pleasure to do my part in the Atonement. Where is this going? Well – we’re on a journey to nowhere aren’t we? :) I had a quick look at your stuff – Great poetry! Much love, Ken

  • Kenneth says:

    I have been working ACIM for the past few months. My family and friends have seen a change in me that they can not explain. I just keep telling them I am working the course most of them have no idea what I what I am talking about, but I just tell them it has been helping me. How my story started was any time in my life in my life there has to be a better way it would pop up in one form or another. About a couple of months ago it was time and now I don’t think I could ever go back to the way I was before. I keep having people ask why am I so happy, and I just tell them I am working the course. In the short time that I have been working I am having this larg amount of art work coming through me.

  • Irene says:

    Hello Ken … hello friends of ACIM,

    first, please forgive my poor use of the English language, as I was born in the US but moved to Germany over 30 years ago.

    Ken, thank you for presenting a wonderful and amazingly colorful approach to ACIM!
    I am an ACIM-beginner, really trying to get comfortable with the material … but encountering strong inner resistance again and again as soon as the Course’s language becomes very Christian.

    My spiritual background is cleary eastern … Yoga and Buddhism … and the Christian approach turns me off so utterly that I am afraid I will not find my way into the Course.

    In case you, Ken … or any of you readers have had similar feelings in starting out with ACIM … PLEASE let me know how you managed to overcome the inner resistance and how it is possible to become friends with the idea of Jesus being the savior, the “brothers”, the sonship, “Christ controlled”, etc.., when one has no positive connection to Christian ideas at all.

    I feel very drawn to the Course, especially after having read “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson … but on the other hand I feel almost repelled by the emphasis on Christian concepts. So I would really appreciate some help from people who have experienced similar difficulties.

    And … sorry, Ken, if this is not the right place for such requests. Perhaps you could give me a recommendation for where to go with this. Unfortunately there is no study-group here in Berlin.

    Love and peace

    • kenbok says:

      Hi Irene!

      Thank you for your kind words.. :)

      Yes – resistance to Christian language is not uncommon at all! All of us have a forgiveness lesson in some way or form with ‘Christianity’ – whatever that means. I personally come from a Buddhist background as well – and what was helpful to me was how Buddhist / Hindu the ideas were in ACIM. Jesus and Buddha were really saying the same things. What the Church teaches is not what Jesus was teaching 2000 years ago. I would focus on the content of what is being said (ie. the ideas), rather than the form (ie. the language being used).

      Have you read The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard? It’s a great start to ACIM.


      • Irene says:

        Thank you, Ken! It is reassuring to know that your background is also Buddhist, and that you have found a positive approach to the Course. I have watched your video on the similarities between Buddhism and ACIM (which is actually how I found your website) and loved it! Nevertheless did I get that dark feeling once I began to actually read the Course.

        I really wonder where my aversion to the Christian concepts came from, as I was not raised specifically Christian. Probably my mind was just never able to accept the personified God and the father and son business, and I have great difficulty in grasping the crucifiction-salvation idea as well as the idea of sin. The eastern traditions felt so much warmer and brighter and also much more locigal to me immediately.

        But you are right, of course, that my focus should lie on the concept of ACIM and not the spcific words … which is not easy, since that dark feeling hits me every time I read them. Probably I will get over that once I understand more of what I am reading 😉 .

        No, I have not yet read “The Disappearance of The Universe”, but I have ordered it and it should be arriving soon. Looking very much forward to this book.

        Ken .. your site is a real blessing! I find it to be truly intelligent as well as filled with passion and love.


        • kenbok says:

          Irene, when I read what you have written, I feel great joy and fulfilment in having helped you and in the way I could. I am deeply appreciative of you letting me know. :) Enjoy ‘Disppearance’ – it was a great clarification on Jesus and Christianity for me. Love, Ken

          • Hi Irene

            I completely relate to your aversion to Christianity. I was brought up in an agnostic home but went to an Anglican high school. I hated going to chapel every day and couldn’t stand the name Jesus. But I still felt as though some sort of God existed and was always looking for an answer.

            After many years of spiritual searching I discovered ACIM three years ago. I was able to ‘put up with’ the language because the message felt so right. About one year into my study I was watching the movie Agora and had a spontaneous past life memory of being killed by Christians for being an intelligent woman. It was such a powerful, shocking memory that I needed a few therapy sessions to deal with it!

            But once I integrated the memory I found I no longer had any issues with the Christian language. I now see Jesus (Yeshua) as my friend and call on him and the Holy Spirit every day.

            So I recommend you just keep studying the course and you’ll most likely find that you come to peace with the language over time.

            Best of luck, love

  • Richard Chang says:

    Hey Ken,

    Wow, congrats on all your work and service to the ACIM community.

    Since you speak Mandarin ( and write Chinese ? ).
    Have you given thought to discussing / explaining ACIM to Chinese speaking audiences ?
    Can you do a show on how ACIM is doing in UK Asian Community … or in Asia ?

    Great Work, Rich in LA, Ca.

    • kenbok says:

      Thanks Rich! My Mandarin is pretty rough – I studied it for 10 yrs but don’t speak fluently.. (I grew up in an English speaking family) But I have thought about spending some time improving my Mandarin for the purposes as you say.. :) Have you seen the show I did with Chiao-lin Cabanne? http://youtu.be/GUNJWw5RiLo Peace, Ken

  • Bea says:

    I love the Course in Miracles. AND I find the same truth in The Way of Mastery, which I picked up at a Gary Renard talk about 3 years ago. If you have not read it, I highly recommend that you do. Same content, easier form. Published by ShantiChristo Foundation.

    • kenbok says:

      Thanks for the recommendation Bea. I’ve personally looked at The Way of Mastery, and decided that ACIM is still my cuppa tea! But glad you are benefiting from it and I’m sure others will too! Peace Ken

  • a says:

    Hi Bea –
    Quick question on Gary talking about Way of Mastery. Curious to know more about what he might have said, if you remember ?

    I’m a big fan of Gary’s and re-opened ACIM in 2005 only due to DU. Have also looked at Way of Mastery, because Jayem actually lives quite close to us here in Asia. I’m sure ACIM is the way for me, but am actively curious about how other forms/off-shoots have emerged. I learn more from each one of them, even as I return to ACIM each time.

    Any thoughts/comments on Gary’s comments on Way of M is appreciated.

  • Jennifer Leedom says:

    The words I want to say for now are simply, “thank you”. You, Ken are a prominent contributor to my beginning in ACIM. What I love is the newness I feel from it. I am not going to rush and overwhelm myself, but I will acknowledge when people or events make an impact on me. Hopefully I have more to say about this when I better grasp the concepts, and can share with others.


  • simona says:

    Hey Kenbok,
    Just right now I am listening the Acim explained about Undoing the ego with N.Sanchez,I am very proud of your work that u sppreading and sharing freely,in helping to facilitate for all the ACIM students the concepts and ideas,I very recently became a student of this invaluabel,mind blowing teaching,Sure its a life long process,every day devotion,But once we find,we cannot deviate from the truth anymore,not for very long ,
    So greateful for your work at such young age:) could I ask you,Kenbok,as I am feeling very much spiritual desire to find my way through some spiritual activities ,heal my own wounds and after be able to help for humanity,I would like to ask,what do you do beside the ACIM, what other practises,or studies,activities you doing to deepen that message and share?
    thank you hugely brother!

    • kenbok says:

      Thanks Simona :) Other practices? I am a big fan of the Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh – his teaching is very simple and profound.. He has lots of books and talks – just search for him online! A lotus for you, Ken

  • It’s amazing how the internet can create a real ACIM community. I’m from Mexico (where the course is very popular) and I’ve been studying it for years. Nevertheless, it’s been hard for me to find people to share ideas beyond the study groups. ACIM is still kinda secret and mysterious and there’s a lack of resources available through the internet and the new technologies. You’re really changing that. Congratulations!

    • kenbok says:

      Hi Horacio – so glad it’s helping you! That was certainly one of my intentions – to make this information available to anybody on the planet through the internet – not just to people who live in the UK or US. :) Much Love, Ken

    • Giovanna says:

      Hello… I’m moving to Mexico soon and I was looking for a study group in Playa del Carmen… do you know where I can find such group listings? I’m not having any luck on Google. Thank you!!

  • Bruce Rawles says:

    Wonderful site and refreshingly straightforward approach; thanks, Kenneth! Looking forward to more after listening to just a few of your interviews. :-) MUCH appreciated!

  • Marianne says:

    I have just been introduced to your site and youtube interviews, and am in deep appreciation for your work with the Course and your bringing the experiences of other Course students/teachers to us all. The interview with Nouk Sanchez has ignited . . . maybe best described as an “ember” within me, and I thank you and Nouk for providing the most appreciated spark. It reminds me that one person’s experience can profoundly open the door for others! With thanks and love, Marianne

  • christine souchack says:

    HI Kenneth!! So grateful for all the work you do!! Just found you….keep the interviews coming!! Love them… bring Alex back.

    Sending you JOY from NYC………


  • Rodney says:

    Just became aware of your work.Your Spiritual Journey patterns my own!Im 61 and was introduced to the coarse 11 years ago! I spent hours!Reading the text and then noticing the sun was coming up! Just communed with HolySpirit in this way! And noticing my own ego resistance at the same time…much more quite these days! Read Gary Renard DU…about 5times…and many pages of note with that venture! Will take the time to go into you work…its wonderful ! And Im proud of you! Your service/Inspiration Honors the Presence of the Sonship!UpsideDownWorld being turned rightside up…! The HolyInstant on This level is happening! WakeUpCall for those thirsty souls who came to the desert to die…found Eteranal peace and true Knowing …where we have never left…Thanks Ken ! Will be watching and observing/Being With All of You!

  • Steve says:

    Hi Ken, I just found you online. I’ve been into Abraham-Hicks for a few years and Gary Renard as well, just starting to get into ACIM. But after talking with Gary I’m more confused about how much the Course differs from the teachings of Abraham. Most drastically how Abraham says why would not you want to keep coming back here on earth, while ACIM according to Gary, emphasizes practising forgiveness so that we don’t ever have to reincarnate once we dissolve the ego and become enlightened and leave our physical bodies for the last time. What are your thoughts on this?


    • kenbok says:

      Hi Steve, to be clear, ACIM and AHicks *are* saying very different things. ACIM is definitely a more ‘big picture’ system (in my opinion). I definitely agree with what Gary says (as you have quoted here, the use of forgiveness to erase karma and end the cycle of birth / death). I’m curious though, as to where as you say “Abraham says why would not you want to keep coming back here on earth” – I’ve never read that – do you have the reference to that? Peace, Ken

      • Steve Goodman says:

        Ken I can look though my audio and see which mp3s it’s on and let you know but in general I recall Abraham talking a lot about people wanting to come here in physical form for the pure joy of experiencing life on the physical plane, so much so that we want to come back again and again. And I’ve always thought that we are serving some kind of higher purpose by allowing Source to co-create with us/ or through on this plane of existence. But in light of some of what I’ve learn about in ACIM so far that seems in contradiction to what ACIM says. So lately I’m getting more challenged and sometimes confused by what I’m learning in ACIM. But your podcasts have been extremely helpful and inspiring and I really enjoy listening to them. Keep up the great work!

    • Thomas Dear says:

      I love this statement Steve and the way you worded it, because i had the same question….All i could ever find to answer that kind of question was to ask myself “why the hell does it really matter?” Gary doesn’t want to come back Abraham wants to come back…I know the confusion…I don’t think that there can be a solution to that…I mean its a very real question.. And it makes a lot of sense to ask something like that….I totally get your question Steve… But i think the core of the core is that questions like that really don’t have any answers to them…Best not to let stuff like that confuse you… I had the same question….. To me, that aspect of ACIM never really made sense to me AT all…. How could anyone consciously tell themselves that their goal is to not be reincarnated I mean really…Lets talk sense here…It makes no sense….

  • Suzanne Ross says:

    Hi Ken,

    I was talking about you with one of the teachers you have interviewed, on Twitter the last couple of days, and our consensus was that your work is far more important, healing and wonderful than you can possibly know.

    I love the work you do, the people you choose to interview, and the amazing insights which abound.

    I would just like to say one thing about the Law of Attraction. I find it very easy to translate Abraham’s teachings into Course-speak, so to speak. Of course, there are some major discrepancies, but, I don’t see what is so different between being in the Vortex, and feeling and knowing God/Love all day. It is a great spiritual path, it brings peace and joy and hope to many.

    So I don’t believe there is any reason to have to explain oneself, if one chooses to vacillate between the two paths at times. I find I learn a great deal in the comparison between ACIM, traditional religions, and all the other spiritual practices in the world.

    Ultimately, A Course in Miracles is the air I breathe, the blood in my veins. I drink those words like wine every day… So your love and your passion for the Course resonate deeply with me.

    Your interview with Nouk Sanchez was a devastating experience, in the very best sense. It was like what she said in that interview made my life complete and I too could cry…

    Thank you.

    So much love…


    • kenbok says:

      Hi Suzanne!

      Thank you for your kind words and your support! In truth, I know that this work is important, but I try to take myself out of the process as far as possible.. :)

      And yes – I too find ACIM and LoA very complimentary, it really depends on perspective. But as long as I am guided by Spirit, everything turns out perfectly anyway.


    • Frank Miller says:

      If you go onto the Circle of Atonement website, which is Robert Perry’s group, I seem to remember there being an article on that website about the similarities and differences between “Law of Attraction” and ACIM.

      Robert Perry and his website are particularly good for articles of this type which involve practical application of ACIM to particular “real world” situations. You don’t have to agree with his position on everything to get value from the website and in these sort of “comparison/contrast” type of articles it is clear that he has studied whatever he is comparing ACIM to because generally he is quite specific in the examples he cites.

  • Christy Eller says:


    Spirit is using you in the most amazing way. Thank you for your willingness- to listen, to surrender, to bring these amazing stories. They are so raw, so very powerful.

    To those of us who hunger for the Truth, they are like sweet manna.

    In Love and Light-

  • JahSun says:

    Good on you.

    ACIM is the gift that keeps on giving. I first got my hands on one back in the mid 80’s, but it took years for its message to truly reach me.

    No matter how well your rational mind grasps the course, it really does take a lot of putting it into practice to really come to know the truth of this stuff. I’ve even read the JCIM and the UrText versions of the book just to switch things up a bit.

    Keep spreading the love brother. I agree with you that the overtly Christian terminology can be off-putting to folks that have been turned off by organized or fundamentalist X-tian BS. The actual message of the course is not tied to anything, and it downplays the true universality of this stuff to get people thinking it is just another christian sect or something like that.

    If you actually read it, it becomes obvious fairly quickly that ACIM is light years beyond the basic Abrahamic faiths.

    A lot of people become atheists because they can’t find this kind of direct rational explication of the divine.

  • Brid says:

    Hi Ken, lovely to meet you this weekend in Ireland. Will be hoping to learn much from your website. Hope you enjoyed your weekend here and that you’ll come again soon, Brid.

  • Eamonn Perkins says:

    Hi Kenneth

    What a pleasure to meet you over the weekend in Dublin . I enjoyed our chat and wish you all the best, and hope to meet up again.


    • kenbok says:

      Hi Eamonn! It was wonderful to meet you too and I greatly enjoyed our chat. Our video will be up soon! Looking forward to our next meeting. :) Love, Ken

  • Matt says:


    I ran into your site after Googling for some follow-up on Alexander Marchand and his incredible contribution to ACIM. I’ve done everything backwards. Started with ACIM, then DU and then read the Marchand book. I’m in the Social Security generation, and have drawn the technology line in the sand with Facebook and Twitter not welcome on my side! I also possess journalism genes and still do some writing as a hobby. This cynical spirit has been dragged into ACIM inch-by-inch. The first two chapters of the Text were so incredulous to me that I stopped everything and did every bit of possible online research on Drs. Schucman and Thetford and how this came to be. Afterall, they were telling me to forgive Hitler! I really came to the conclusion that this could not be made up. The writing style and organizational flow are ingenius (other worldly?)The clincher for me was that the two scribes went out of their way to do everything possible that this thought system doesnot evolve into another “organized religion.” My career stops along the way have been in places and professions that have ooozed ego. Sounded a lot like the scribes. And now I have forgiven even the Christian fundamentalists; There’s nothing more fundamental than ACIM and it’s a game-changer.
    I still have a ways to go; up to Lesson 201, but it’s taken almost two years. DU and The Universe is Dream have actually helped me speed that up. My wife will start the process with Marchand’s book. She always tells me on any complex issue, “draw me a picture”. I never bought into my formative waspy church experiences even while I sat there bored stiff. I always asked myself. “If this guy is “the only son of God”, then who the hell are the rest of us”? Now I know for sure. I look down at my two granddaughters (1&3) now and whisper, “You beautiful little spirits, I love you.” They are the future awakening of ACIM. Keep the creative juices flowing that will introduce this awesome thought process to those in their formative years. I’m simply a late bloomer, and thankful for that.

  • dennis says:

    Thank you Ken for sharing. ACIM has led to finding many of the words of Jesus from last century. His second coming began in 1914 with the Padgett Messages up through today. He is one cool Dude :)

  • James Rompel says:

    Kenneth, Once again one is so very grateful for your interpretation of clarity and passion of ” A Course In Miracles . ” Your tempo; expression in all it majestic simplicity has astound me because…OK I’m gonna to say it!!! Your chronological seeming {AGE} !!!!!! Though this is not meant to be ala special, I AM as You ~ so inspired by the experiential – immediate results ACIM BE GIFTS Us with. The application of it’s primary content are GIFTS one experiences at any chosen moment. Though I have read it inside out since 1992 It has only come Full Cirlce to be my own EXPERIENCE Honestly (consistently; as I choose) & mostly always where the page opens …whence one ask HS for a even milisec. As long as it is sincerely with reverence; and even then if I am “frazzled” He *Shows Me* I Am given that which is given from Source. That was not always the case Ken, for one got in one’s own way and never realized the utter simplicity that saves All time! Holy Spirit….shine upon ALL. No words Yes 2, really One; ForGiving<3 Here's a few more…, We love Ya Buddy!!!! Namaste All The Way! -James Rompel in the illusion capital !!! Las Vegas, Nevada USA….. Planet Earth, I think. Your Awesome!

  • Susan says:

    Thank you for the wonderful work you do, it is truly inspiring. Where can I find an MP3 copy of the Ireland seminar?

  • Susan says:

    Thank you much for opening your heart to the acim teachings and helping me to see them from a valuable viewpoint.

  • claire says:

    Wow, Ken. The interview with Nouk Sanchez, dated 09/25/2012, IS really different.
    Thank you both for the very open and honest discussions. On the experiences that you’ve both talked about, I don’t think there’s anything I don’t relate to in some way, if not on the exact appearance of the situation, then the feeling of the journey of the experience.

    Your openness and honesty, was very refreshing, relieving, and I believe, helps me to heal along with you.

    I really look forward to upcoming discussions! As far as I’m concerned, please feel free to discuss any “weird” subjects such as UFOs and aliens, angels, past lives, or anything else, as long as it is genuine and sincere discussion. In fact, it would seem very natural to talk about those things.(Currently, I’m reading David Wilcock’s book, and his videos out of curiousity and interest) Many times I’ve felt as if I’m the alien here, like I really don’t “belong” here anyway, and lost, and clueless, about this world. This world never made sense to me, honestly, in a depressing, futile way.

    Like many ACIM students, reading D.U. book was a pivotal point in my life or I should say in my mind. It made the most sense to me in answering the existential questions, and why this world is the way it is. And I was able to start reading and understanding ACIM book that was sitting on my bookshelf for 2-3 years.

    Again, thank you both so much for your courage and trust in Spirit to just put it out there, so to speak. To me, honest, sincere communication is truly valuable, and something I can truly relate to, since we are really the same.

    Please continue what you are doing, and wishing you the very best, and all the Love and Support.


  • Susan says:

    Ken, do you have mp3’s of your interview with Nouk? All I see are itunes copies?
    Thank you for all you do.

  • Shawn Kirkpatrick says:

    Hi Ken,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful website. You are doing a great service for ACIM. Your interview with Pauline Edwards on the Raj material was awesome.

  • claire says:

    Dear Ken,

    I watched the ACIM group hangout with PK Nesbit last night, and the discussion about money was something that I completely relate to and something that has a strong grip on most of us.
    For some reason, I went to Regina Dawn Akers’ website right after, and listened to the NTI audio track dated 11/10/2012. “Coincidentally”, she discussed the exact same issue she had with the ego’s insecurity about money, and raising her daughter. She talks about ego’s voice and reviewing her trust and faith. She even mentioned the exact same example of Indiana Jones character of trust/faith that have always impressed on me. I forgot which part of the Indian Jones movie series it was in though. (I’m going watch it again just for great fun!)

    Somehow, Trust was an issue that was gently and yet, consistently brought up in front of me more recently. It may be the Holy Spirit’s reminder to my problems with the blocks I am experiencing in my life. In the ACIM’s Manual for Teachers, the section about Trust as the premises of other aspects of Teachers felt very highlighted as I was reading it.

    Although, I am struggling with lack of money issues, I am reviewing what I spend my money on again. I made a, what I thought was a very small, one time donation for ACIM translation. It was small but, I was on a low budget too. I was actually so surprised that Judy Skutch wrote a hand written thank you note and mailed to me. It was just an opportunity to express love and gratitude. I wanted to thank her for thanking me(but didn’t, outwardly)

    Anyways, thank you Ken so much for your work and dedication and honesty. No one is healed alone.

    Much love to you and everyone.

  • anil says:

    Hi Ken –
    Wanted to comment on Nick and Laila’s Hangout and get a message to them (and since I don’t have a FB account or a YouTube account (yeah – and its great that I don’t need to have YT account, and can still see these great videos !!!), I thought I’d write a message on your site.

    I loved Laila and Nick’s hangout idea, loved the contributions from Joe, from Jose, from Jostein (sp?), the whole flow of it…. so please forward this message to them (if time and guidance so suggest ! (:

    The honesty of the interaction was incredible, had me in tears so many times through the video, I can’t even count. Heartfelt thanks to all five of those lovely people, and to you for starting this acimexplained.com endeavour, and providing this platform for all of us around the world.


    ps. Do keep us posted on what happens in the Singapore group ! (: (as time and guidance permit ! (:

  • Odile says:

    Hi ken

    Peace from singapore. Am enjoying your works as my own !

  • Andre says:

    Hi Ken,

    I have finished the acim, and it has certainly opened up awareness of the monkey chatter in my head and brought more inner peace, just wondering, were to from here? I dont feel I have become as enlightened/awakened, would you recommend repeating the course again this year? or some other recommendation? thanks in advance

  • Sue Rhodes says:

    hi there Kenneth,
    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your website and u tube videos your provide a tremendous amount of info in relation to the course and related info I am new to the course which I got after reading disappearance of the universe and it’s like I have finally found my truth. People like you make such a difference in getting things out there so thank you.
    Love and light

  • Susan says:

    Ken, I love what you’re doing, and I have personally benefited greatly from your effort to provide a reasonable and intelligent point of entry to ACIM. I wish I were in a position to give you a generous donation. When I am, I will. Are you continuing your psychic reading “business”?

    • kenbok says:

      Thanks Susan. :) Yes I am still doing my readings – do get in touch if you’d like one (ken@acimexplained.com) Peace Ken

  • Misty says:

    Thank you so much for writing this. It has truly helped me. I felt like I was stuck, but now I feel inspired to keep pushing through and open my heart.

  • Din Robinson says:

    “In any single instant the attraction of guilt would be experienced as pain and nothing else, and would be avoided.”

    Hi Ken,

    In your video, you asked people to leave you a comment if we know what this is saying so I thought I would share what I see and feel in the above statement. We create our reality with every thought we think, with every perception we perceive, but also we must BELIEVE these thoughts and perceptions to be real, so IDENTIFICATION with these ideas and perceptions is also key. So the “attraction of guilt” is literally us taking our thoughts and perceptions to be real as the separate ego that is, as the “one” who inhabits the physical body. In fact to consider the physical body to be real is just more identification with thoughts or beliefs about ourselves. So the whole notion of a “physical” universe and “physical” body is equal in it’s ability to lead us astray and see separation where there actually is none. So for me, what comes up is to forgive all these eroneous concepts I have about life, about reality, about myself and live in the immediacy of this moment as the simple presence in which all thoughts and perceptions arise. This is another way of saying that I no longer believe my ideas and perceptions to be true, they simply are projections from my mind. I hope you find this helpful, btw I love what you do. :-)

  • Susan Lim says:

    Hi Ken,

    I have been reading your posting in your site. You really provided extraordinary contents on ACIM. I particularly like how you compare ACIM with Buddhism.

    I just started ACIM study about a month now. It is an amazing journey so far.

    I am also starting ACIM sharing session. My friend, an ACIM students for 4 years will facilitate the group. Hopefully we can spread love in Malaysia. If you are visiting Malaysia, drop me a note.

    Susan Lim, Malaysia

  • Sean Goodison says:

    Hey, Kenneth. I’m a very new student of ACIM and have been finding your website and Youtube channel very helpful. I’ve a question that relates to something I heard Micheal Murray say in a video that you hosted. He said (and I hope not to misquote) that when Jesus became awakened then he caused a chain reaction that awakened all of the Sonship because if one becomes free then we all become free. I’m just curious on why it would have been Jesus to awaken the Sonship and not another enlightened being that may have predated Jesus. ‘Individuals’ such as Buddha, Socrates, Lao Tzu or Empedocles. Had these previous masters not become fully awakened that Jesus experienced maybe? Your thoughts would be most welcome. As I’ve said your website has been most helpful in my recent studies, so thank you very much. In essence, Sean.

    • kenbok says:

      Hi Sean, I (personally) would see it as a metaphor – after all – the impossible never happened. Jesus is certainly not special in his awakening, but perhaps the symbol of Jesus is particularly useful as he is probably more well-known (than the other awakened dudes) in our illusory world.. My 2 cents. Love, Ken

      • Sean Goodison says:

        Well said. Thanks for the clarification. You makes a lot of sense, Kenneth. I’m sure to be back to you should any other queries arise 😉 Keep up the good work and a abundance of love in return. Sean.

      • Sean Goodison says:

        Well said. Thanks for the clarification. You make a lot of sense, Kenneth. As I said: I’m pretty new to ACIM so I’m sure to be back to your should any other queries arise 😉 Keep up the good word and thanks again. A abundance of love in return. Sean.

  • Mikael Forte says:

    ACIM has completely change my life and those around me. I’m NOW on a true path and thankfully, will not return alone. Brothers and Sisters who have found the Course, be joyous! Even if you do not understand, even if you do not feel as though you have the time, stick with it. I certainly have not completed lessons daily. Some, I was not able to due to the emotions evoked. However, I’m now on lesson 198. My excitement and happiness continues. The biggest aspect to me is how I affect others. My vision is not complete but WOW, I can never go back to full blindness again. LOVE to you all. Just wanted to share.

  • Karis Jones says:

    After I had read The Disappearance of the Universe, the deepest parts of my mind was set free- and I immediately set myself about the task of engaging my mind to help time collapse through forgiving my life’s film.

    I remember attending a certificate course in Geographic Information Systems which seemed to call for some suffering— I have Asperger’s Syndrome, which I’ve only recently had help in getting diagnosed for in my present age of 26, and this condition I believe, is scripted to run until about my 30th year (according to a numerology source).

    While sitting in class, I perceived that my peers were attending this experience with me without the inner joy that can be witnessed in a person who has found the Spirit within them, and like many events in life, this class period was teaching me a lesson that was becoming increasingly intolerable. My classmates were enduring boredom, and I was learning of the ego’s plan to glorify the technology of GIS in its plan to make the world better “informed” yet more likely increasing complexity.

    Anyways, the class was so still and lifeless, that when I began to have an itch in my throat, I felt too embarrassed to cough near the computer equipment in front of me, and in close proximity to those seated next to me, and I stifled this cough until it became unbearable. I worked myself into a frenzy and exploded in a small fit of coughing, and in my mind, I had no choice but to forgive my embarrassment at disturbing the class and the attractive woman to my right. I was less than calm cool and collected. I grasped for a bottle of medication, for some odd reason, and sauntered off to find the water fountain.

    But in that instant, the most remarkable thing happened…Time totally collapsed, and the second half of the two hour class period skipped to the end!
    Has anyone ever had an experience like this?

  • Mimi Ayele says:

    Hi Ken,

    I love what you do and learn a whole lot. I am so delighted to know that young people like yourself can be attracted to ACIM. I started reading ACIM one page at a time to my grand child who is 2/12 year old. He sits and listens while I am reading at least one page before he gets distracted.

    I came across with this book called The Urantia Book and glanced it a little bit but completely overwhelmed by what it says. Have you every came across or heard about the book, and what do you think about it in terms of ACIM.

    Thanks Ken,

    • kenbok says:

      Hi Mimi, thanks for the kind words! I think it’s awesome that you read to your grandchild – it will be interesting to see what happens 10 years later! Ha ha. Re: Urantia book – yes I have skimmed through it and it didn’t appeal to me – it seemed a bit too esoteric for me. But that’s my experience.. Love

  • mike says:

    Hi Ken, just wanted to thank you for all the material you provide on the web, have listened to alot on youtube and has led me to Ken Wapnicks stuff also, which is great stuff. I now have the book and am reading the text and doing the lessons. Thanks!!

  • Paul says:

    Great to see the ‘Story of a Course in Miracles’ being shared and watched. It was my introduction to The Course, and I still to this day, 23 years later, love watching it. It was beautifully done with no holds barred (much like The Course) and shows the writers with all their flaws, just like us.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Shayna says:

    It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this brilliant blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates and will share this website with my Facebook group. Chat soon!

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